Extended Warranty Information - Protect Your Motorcycle

We know how much you love your motorcycle, so it's important to keep it protected. Top Gear Inc offers a array of protection plans to help you with mechanical breakdowns, routine maintenance, and unexpected emergencies such as vehicle theft, flat tires, road hazards, etc. Ride your bike with peace of mind knowing that your Motorcycle is protected.


Top Gear Inc Motorcycle protection Plan

A mechanical breakdown service contract that covers the cost of parts and labor for covered repairs.

Top Gear Inc Gap Protection 

Will pay or waive the difference between the actual cash value and net loan payoff and it will cover up to $1000 of your primary insurance deductible in the event of total loss.

Tire & Wheel Protection

This program protects your for the life of the policy against road hazards that can cause wheel or tire damage other than normal wear or tear.

For more details feel free to contact one of our Finance and Insurance specialist.